Reasons for investing in Silver Bullion

Silver bullion bars and coins have proven over time that considering the world has currently used more than what actually has been mined, leaves us with a serious shortage of the metal. Silver is the most widely used metal, from Jewellery, coins, bullion, electrical contacts and conductors, photographic film and nitrate solutions and computer technology. CREATING A SERIOUS SHORTAGE OF THE METAL.

Silver bullion is the second most useful commodity after oil. Holding silver bullion or coins is the same as having cash and is internationally recognized Silver has performed more than 20% per annum and is available in many different denominations affording anybody the opportunity for investment.

Silver price by
  • 1 Kg Minted Big 5
  • 1 Kg Sil Cast Bar
  • 1/2 Kg Sil Cast Bar
  • 100 g Sil Minted
  • 1 oz Sil Medalion